Maca Capsules
Maca Capsules
Maca is a plant grown in the Peruvian Andes over 4000m above sea level. Its root and hypocotyl - the bulbous stem below the leafy growth - have for centuries been part of the diet and culture of people in the region. Legend has it that Incan warriors consumed it prior to battle to increase their fighting spirit, and it has historically been used to enhance strength, stamina and libido.

There are several slightly-differing variants of Maca, which express themselves in the colour of the root and hypocotyl. Maca can be cream, yellow-gold, green, red, purple, grey or black. Fundamentally these have the same basic nutritional profile, but they exhibit small shifts in the proportions of secondary phytonutrients they present. Scientific study has begun to confirm the established dietary opinion that different colours of Maca have slightly different beneficial properties. Rainforest Foods Maca Capsules contain an equal blend of 4 different phenotypes of Lepidium meyenii designed to provide optimal general nutrition.

Suggested Use:
We recommend that you take 1-2 capsules daily. There is no set dosage, however and you should experiment to find what works best for you. Store your Maca Capsules in a cool, dry place.

Size: 120 x 500mg capsules
Organic Maca Powder.

HPMC plant-based cellulose capsule casings, Vegetarian Society-approved, Halal and Kosher-certified. Certified Organic by the Soil Association.
Nutritional Elements:

Rainforest Foods Maca Capsules contribute to the following health benefits:

  • Blood, Heart and Cardiovascular Health
  • ✔ oxygen transport in the body
  • ✔ healthy blood vessels
  • Bones, Teeth and Muscles
  • ✔ maintenance of bones & teeth
  • ✔ healthy gums
  • Hair, Skin and Nails
  • ✔ improvement of skin health
  • ✔ normal hair & skin pigmentation
  • Energy and Anti-Fatigue
  • ✔ reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • ✔ energy-yielding metabolism
  • The Story:
    Grown high in the Peruvian Andes, Maca is a plant held in high regard by people living in its native territory. It is garnering a worldwide reputation thanks to the huge array of nutrients it provides. Rainforest Foods Maca Powder is popular with customers of all ages, including athletes in training.

    Maca, or Lepidium meyenii, originates from a plant found in high-altitude areas of the Peruvian Andes. For 2000 years it has been an important element of the local diet in Peru and Bolivia. In Peru, Maca is cooked and used in food preparation. Almost every part of the plant is utilised. The roots of Maca are boiled into a sweet liquid or porridge, they are fermented into a beer, and the leaves are often eaten raw. During the Spanish colonisation period, Maca was so prized that it was used as a form of currency. Legend also reports it being used by the Incas to increase their strength prior to battle. Rainforest Foods Maca has been grown organically in Peru at an altitude of over 4000m.

    Maca has a high nutritional content. The young root of the Maca plant contains a large number of naturally-occurring phytochemicals. Maca also contains the Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, Linolenic and Oleic acid, and its protein is composed of 19 amino acids. These include 7 of the 8 essential amino acids – those we require in our diets yet cannot make for ourselves and have to acquire from our food.
    The Production:
    Rainforest Foods Maca is cultivated in Peru, at high altitude (over 4000m). The growing season is eight months long, which gives time for the nutritional profile to develop fully. A further three months is given to a natural, open-air drying process. The dried roots are cleaned and broken into small pieces. These are then processed to break down the starch molecules into shorter chains to make the nutrients more easily absorbed by the human body. This finished Maca powder contains the full array of nutrients that Maca offers.

    The powder is encapsulated in the UK by a leading GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-registered pharmaceutical manufacturer. GMP registration requires rigorous inspection by the MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency), the government agency responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are safe. Regular GMP audits enforce optimum quality standards in the encapsulation process. Rainforest Foods capsule casings are made from HPMC, a plant-based cellulose material approved for vegetarian and vegan use by the Vegetarian Society, and Halal and Kosher-certified. HPMC is about as biologically neutral a foodstuff as it is possible to find, and the only other ingredient in the casings is water. The capsules are 100% pure, using no fillers, binders or bulking agents. Each capsule contains 500mg of powder.