• Vegan
  • Allergen-free
  • Contains Less Than 3g Sugar per Bowl
  • Made from All-Natural Ingredients

We want to give you and your family the tools to live a healthier life. Bambeanies has less then 3g of sugar per 30g bowl, is high in fibre and a source of protein – a super way to start your day. 

From beans to baobab, we‘ve created our products using only natural ingredients that are great in their own right and super when brought together.


All the ingredients in Bambeanies are responsibly sourced, including our baobab which is from Limpopo Province in South Africa and helps to provide a livelihood to women who harvest the fruit. 

We’re also dedicated to helping the environment our ingredients come from, so for every pack of Bambeanies sold, we will fund the protection of four square metres of rainforest.